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Room with a view: Sales Enablement wins via content portals

Marketing departments have known for a while that content is king. Less known is how powerful content can be when used effectively as an engagement and performance indicator in the sales process.

By utilizing deal rooms, or buyer portals, sales reps are able to gain invaluable real time insights into buyer activity. No longer left in the dark, sales reps are able to prioritize with precision and follow up at just the right moment when the buyer is ready and willing.

In this brief by Aberdeen, a leading research firm helping businesses improve performance, you’ll learn how best in class firms are leveraging buyer portals to improve the buying experience and close more deals.

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Accent Accelerate has it all

The right software can help improve all areas of sales enablement at once, empowering your sales team and aligning sales and marketing towards common revenue goals.
  • A centralized library of all sales resources, such as presentations, product brochures and SMEs
  • Analytics into what content is most used, most effective and most in need of modification or updates
  • Get your sales reps onboarded and enabling them to sell as quickly as possible
  • Just-in-time opportunity coaching throughout the sales process to guide reps in moving deals forward
  • Enable collaboration between sales teams and sales and marketing departments
Learn about how we’re bringing science to sales enablement with this video

Make engaging with buyers as straightforward and simple as possible with a platform designed to streamline selling activities.

On average, we save reps 4 hours per week, or 200 hours annually

On average, sales reps are able to locate materials 25% fastery

Decrease average response time to buyers by 25% within 6 months