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Best-in-class companies are using analytics to optimize processes throughout the entire sales cycle, from initial nurturing performed by marketing to final closing performed by sales. By sharing data between departments to provide both with a holistic 360 view into buyer preferences, companies are able to improve marketing ROI and sales execution.
Use this knowledge brief by Aberdeen, a leading research firm helping businesses worldwide improve sales performance, to evaluate your sales performance management objectives and processes.
  • Learn how analytics is helping sales reps have more impactful conversations with buyers
  • See the benefits marketing is gaining through detailed insights into which pieces of content are most effective in closing deals
  • Learn how managers are able to provide better coaching tips based upon opportunity specifics and proven sales activity best practices

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Guide reps in the best actions to move deals forward and streamline the entire sales process.

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The only sales enablement software with an analytics engine that guides sales reps through the sales process, start to finish.

Accent’s sales platform makes it easy for reps to focus on the right opportunities, engage with those buyers effectively, and close more deals.
  • Get next-step recommendations on content or actions to move deals forward
  • Rank opportunities by value or follow-up priority for easy planning
  • Follow best-in-class practices using the sales analytics engine’s insight
  • Plan strategy, create and share documents, and engage buyers all within the same platform
  • Cut down on complicated workflows and processes with one platform that integrates CRM, SharePoint, and other systems
Learn about how we’re bringing science to sales enablement with this video

This streamlined approach gives sales reps, on average, 10% more selling time to spend on high-value activities.

On average, we save reps 4 hours per week, or 200 hours annually

Improve buyer engagement with better planning and visibility

Decrease average response time to buyers by 25% within 6 months