Building a Sales
Enablement Function

What Is Right for Me?

Avoid the Trap of "One Size Fits All" Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is one of the fastest-growing functions in companies today. And yet, the term means something different to almost every organization.

In this webinar, SiriusDecisions’ Peter Ostrow will provide a comprehensive guide to help determine how your organization can stand up, build or enhance its sales enablement contribution around key variables:

  • What responsibilities should I take on?

  • How can I possibly get it all done?

The session will provide specific methodologies for you to determine the right scope and execution of your sales enablement function. This information is comprised of SiriusDecisions research and their Sales Enablement Range of Responsibilities Model.

Join us Tuesday, August 21, for the first webinar in this three-part series, featuring research and thought leadership from SiriusDecisions.

What you will walk away with:

  • Understanding of sales enablement’s potential range of responsibilities
  • Prioritization and execution framework 
  • Examples that illustrate what drives priorities and execution

Event Details

Tuesday Aug. 21, 2018
12 – 1 pm ET

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Peter Ostrow
Senior Research Director, Sales Enablement Service

Peter capitalizes on 20+ years of revenue growth leadership in sales enablement, sales talent management and operational expertise. Prior to joining SiriusDecisions, Peter was a VP/Research Group Director for the Aberdeen Group, where he founded and was Principal Analyst for the Sales Effectiveness Practice.

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